Faced with the task of paying for college, many parents seek help from college planning programs that turn out to be less than helpful. Some programs will take your money in exchange for advice which comes from E-mails, faxes, the Internet, or tedious over-the-phone consultation. You could have obtained this information without their help. Other college programs may focus on the financial, but they do not have a good background in taxes and business. Their focus is to offer you investment opportunities. Such programs are unsympathetic to plight of parents who still must find a way to pay for college.

At your first meeting with CTP, which is completely free, we will provide a preliminary assessment of your financial assets and income as well as your financial aid eligibility. We will introduce you to our program. At subsequent meetings, we will introduce you to strategies tailored to your particular, personal needs, and explain how you and your family will benefit from your services. The choice to continue beyond the first meeting is, of course, entirely yours. However, we are sure you will want to continue with College Tuition Planners, a path leading to financial security and a happy commencement day for your child!

  • Make the most of your money to finance college from the time your children are young until the time you have to fill out your first tuition payment…and beyond.
  • Assist you in filling out those FAFSA (financial aid) forms that everyone finds so daunting. We'll do the hard work for you!
  • Open doors to show you how the best schools academically can also be the best schools financially. Did you know that certain need-based financial aid packages make possible the cost of sending your child to a private school cheaper than that of a state school?
  • Show how to acquire found money from tax savings that can be just as valuable as financial aid - such as investment in state-sponsored 529 college plans.
  • Explain the various loan programs available to help you pay for college.

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